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March 23rd 2008:
Video of Champs mixing VI on EQTV
click on "in the studio"

March 23rd 2008:
Many Champs and Fucking Am songs used in
Science Channel show, Invention Nation

August 8th 2007:
More TAB!!

July 10th 2007:
Apparently, The Champs will be playing
this music festival in Portland.

June 21st 2007:
Two last minute shows with Tortoise in San Francisco.

January 15th 2007:
Champs master new album due out in April.

December 29th 2006:
Champs interview on western addition pirate radio 93.7.
Songs from the new album will be played. 8pm pacific time.

December 10th 2006:

Champs finish mixing new album while
representatives from EQ magazine observe.

November 30th 2006:
Champs to play historic first show in
San Luis Obisbo.

November 6th 2006:
Champs record final two songs for new album.

October 5th 2006:
Look for champs track on
Power Up! The Video Game Tribute compilation.

October 4th 2006:
Shows coming up in november and
new year's eve.

June 9th 2006:
New attraction added:
Hate Mail!
There are so many concerned cranks and hostile people
out there and it's time they were given a voice!

June 2nd 2006:
Champs to play with Red Kross and Gun Club June 30th
at the Don't Knock the Rock film festival.

May 17th 2006:
Champs set to air on RADIO NHK May 24th.

May 10th 2006:
Champs record three more songs for upcoming album
tentatively entitled...SIX.

April 25th 2006:
Champs return to America enriched by
Japanese culture and hospitality.
Arigato gozaimasu to Aki, Andy,
Katoman, Nori and Metalchicks.
There will be an hour long Champs
broadcast on Radio NHK in the next few weeks.

March 6th 2006:
Look for Champs track on upcoming
Kemado Records compilation, Invaders.

March 3rd 2006:
Champs plan trip to Japan.

January 20th 2006:
Champs record three songs for upcoming album and
one song for video game theme compilation.

November 21st 2005:
Champs admit to selling 3 songs to SIMS 2 video game.
But don't look for these songs on forthcoming album-
they won't be there.

November 14th 2005:
Champs shirts now available from Bad Skulls.
Get em while they're black.

October 18th 2005:
Champs announce new year's eve show with Trans Am and
The Fucking Am. Songs from the album, "GOLD" and the
Transchamps EP will be performed. This will be the first
performance of these songs on US soil.

September 14th 2005:
Champs finally at liberty to elaborate on future UK dates
as well as appearance at All Tomorow's Parties.

June 9th 2005:
Champs complete tour of unprecedented length- from
Australia to Austria, around the world in 80 days.
Respectful acknowledgements to the mass, boyjazz,
zombi, parchman farm, the bob and Jeremy Sidener.

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