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Constantly Asked Questions:

Q : When are you going to play a show?
A : I don't know, but when we do it will be announced with much fanfare.

Q : Where can i find 'tab' for your songs?
A : We don't know that any exists...anywhere...
until now! (november 3, 2005):
Jon Alfaro has transcribed "Andres Segovia Interests Me".
This may or may not be accurate tablature.
See for yourself: TAB

Q : What kind of equipment do you use?
A : There is an exhaustive list on every record.

Q : I did'nt know "III" existed, where can i buy it?
A : You can get it from Frenetic or Drag City

Q : What about shirts? Surely you must have shirts?!
A : You can get them from good old Drag City
and now.. Bad Skulls.

Q : What's the deal with that guitar with all those strings?
A : It's a custom built 9 string guitar made by Ron Seargent.
the skinny strings are doubled.

Q : Are you guys from D.C. or Chicago?
A : No, we're from San francisco

Q : Do you guys still sell those tapes?
A : No.

Q : Why not?
A : The masters are lost.

Q : Do you guys practice all the time?
A : No, almost never.

Q : You guys should play my town!
A : That's not a question.

Q : Why did you change your name from The Champs to The Fucking Champs?
A : Because fuck you.

Fucking Champs Superstitions:

1. The Fucking Champs have never used a set list.

2. Any discussion of an evening's set must be limited to 4 songs or less.

3. Every show must end with "Flawless Victory",
unless there is an unavoidable encore.

4. When in L.A. county, The Fucking Champs must only listen to Black Flag.
The "Get In The Van" book-on-tape is acceptable.
Also acceptable is Gone, Gregg Ginn solo projects, or silence, but not Swa.

5. Any object that has been in the van for more than one
year must not be removed. The only exception is food or drink.