Mastering rates are $45 per hour

Digital Download Master:

48khz/24 bit are standard resolution for download, but check with your distributor to make sure.
If files submitted are 44.1khz/16 bit, they will stay at that resolution.
Mp3's or FLAC files are available on request. MetaData can also be added on request.

CD Master:

DDP and BIN/CUE formats are available. If requesting a DDP master,
please provide ISRC codes, including a UPC, MPC or
EAN number for the album, as well as the album title.

Vinyl Pre-Master:

Please indicate where the side break is.
18 to 20 minutes per side is optimal for 33 1/3 RPM.
20 to 22 minutes is possible, but with some loss in volume and low end,
22 to 24 minutes is possible, but with further degradation in fidelity.
Some laquer cuttters won't cut over 22 min unless you use a Direct Metal Master (DMM).

All Formats:

In addition to reels (half or quarter inch stereo), or files (highest resolution available),
please submit a list of song titles, in order, spelled exactly as you want them to appear.
Specify if there are any spacing notes, fades, or any edits to the material submitted,
(like getting rid of noise before and after a song).
If you have very specific notes on song spacing or crossfades, it's best to include a
mock-up of the sequence as a single file (Mp3 is fine).

File Submission:

If sending wav or aiff files, the most reliable method is to zip all files into one folder
and send using If you are unable to zip the files, wetransfer will do this for you.
This service is free. If you must use google drive, dropbox or some other delivery method, be sure
to zip the files into one folder before uploading them. Alternatively, You can mail a thumb or hard drive.

Cost Estimate:

An average length album takes 4 - 6 hours for a digital download master, an hour or two more
for a CD master and another hour or two for a Vinyl Pre-Master.