CONTROL ROOM - 20' X 15' X 13'
LIVE ROOM - 27' X 23' X 13'
3 ISO BOOTHS - 5' X 7' X 8'

1984 Trident 65 console 28 X 24 re-capped and op amp upgrade (SS3601 discrete op amp,TLE2071,OPA627,OPA637)
36 fully discrete channels (excluding EQ), 16 other channels, Custom power supply

Otari MTR90 mk2 2" 24 track
Otari MX5050 1/2" 8 track
Teac 3340s 1/4" 4 track
Ampex 440-B 1/2" & 1/4" 2 Track with RTZ audio cards (all discrete)

Digital Conversion
Antelope Orion 32 channel AD/DA converter
Lavry Savitr AD-24-200 2 channel AD converter
Apogee PSX 100 2 channel AD/DA converter
Benchmark DAC1 2 channel DA converter
Sony pcm 2600 DAT

PMC IBS2S-A, KRK 9000B, NS-10, Alesis Monitor One, Transaudio 1200, Boombox

Neumann U67 w/ Klaus Heyne mod, Neumann U87 w/ Klaus Heyne mod, Neumann M147
2 Schoeps 221b, 2 Coles 4038, 2 AKG 414, 2 Neuman km184, 2 AT 4033, Blue Bottle
3 Josephson E22s, 3 Sennheiser 421, 5 Shure 57, 2 Shure 58, AKG D112, EV RE-20
Audix D6, AT atm 25, AT pro 25, EV n/d 408, Sony ecm377

Pre amps
2 BAE 1073MPF, 1 BAE 1066D, 4 Chandler TG-2, 1 Chandler LTD channel
1 Chandler LTD1, 2 Neve 1272 (7th Circle Audio), 6 Universal Audio 1108
Universal Audio 2-610, 2 Siemens V276, 2 API "312 stlye" mic pres
1 Phoenix Audio DRS-2 (2 channel), 2 TL Audio tube pre amp/eq
2 Paia stereo tube pre amp

2 Urei 1176LN, 2 Urei LA-4, 1 Skibbe Red Stripe 5-9c, 1 Urei LA-22 stereo
Amek 9098 stereo, Manley variable-mu stereo, dbx 166 stereo, Alesis 3630 stereo
1 Empirical Labs Distressor

2 Neumann W495b, 4 Filtek Mk 3, 2 Neumann PEV mastering eq

Lexicon pcm 92, Lexicon pcm 80, 2 dbx 120 subharmonic synthesisers, Furman spring reverb,
Roland SRE-555 chorus/reverb, Multivox analog echo, Aphex 105 quad gate, Lexicon pcm 60,
Yamaha spx-90, Effectron adm 1024, Roland sde 1000, Electrix vocoder, Orban de esser,
Roland ms1 sampler, MXR flanger/doubler, Little Labs IBP phase alignment tool
Alesis DM Pro Drum Trigger, Ibanez UE400 analog multi-effect

2 Sunn Model T (original), Sunn Collesium head, Sunn concert lead, 2 Marshall JMP MKII 100 watt
VOX Royal Guardsmen head, Sunn 4X12 w/ Celestions, Hiwatt 4X12 w/ Celestions, 2X15 Bass cabinet
Silvertone head/cab 2x12, Danelectro head, Leslie speaker, Sunn Solos II twin 2x12
Shrine custom made 2x12 spruce cabinet modeled after Mitchell Sand cab with 70th anniversary edition celestions

70's Ludwig steel 5 piece kit, Gretsch 130th anniversary edition 7x14" snare
Jason Greenhalgh custom made Wenge wood snare, 5 other assorted snare drums

2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio, 1967 Rickenbacker 360, 2 Hagstrom II's, Hondo II professional, Danelectro baritone guitar
Durango acoustic, Alvarez 12 String acoustic, Ventura SG copy, Fretless Stratocaster copy, Silvertone Rocket hollow body
1984 Fender P-Bass, 60's EKO 12- string electric, Roland GR707 Guitar Synth

Keyboards and others
Wurlitzer 206 electric piano with 2X12 speakers, Korg poly 61, Arp String Ensemble, Alesis QS6
Chester Autola Upright piano, Teisco Checkmate organ, Hammond organ (with drum machine!)
Micro Moog, Synsonic drums, Deagen vibraphone, M.E.S.S. Oscillator, RMS-2000
Saraang Micro III digital tambura

Ibanez tube screamer, Electroharmonix small stone phaser, Electroharmonix frequency analyzer, MXR dyna-comp
Electroharmonix hog's foot, Electroharmonix soul preacher, DOD 555 distortion, MXR EQ, MXR Blue Box, Holmes eq
DOD octoplus, DOD envelope filter, Boss flanger, Satan level doubler, Mystery overdrive, Boss pitch shifter
Tube Works tube distortion, Morley fuzz/wah, Boss Chorus, Pedalfile Fuzz, Guvnor distortion, Ibanez phaser
DOD Phaser, DOD Overdrive, Seymour Duncan Digital/Analog delay, MSL Sunn Beta Lead pedal

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