(all recorded by Tim Green, some recorded at Louder predecessors and other studios..)

Aequorea - Tellurian
Altamont - Our Darling
Amber Asylum - Garden of Love
Amber Asylum - Stillpoint
Angelica Rockne - Queen of San Antonio
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound - Ekranoplan
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound - When Sweet Sleep Returned
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound - Manzanita

Banquet - Jupiter Rose
Beautiful Dudes - S/T
Bird By Snow - Common Wealth
Bikini Kill - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Boyjazz - Unlimited Nights and Weekends
Bratmobile - Pottymouth
Bratmobile - Ladies, Women and Girls
Brett Shady - National Hotel
Brubaker - Brubaker

Cherry Valence - Riffin'
Christian Mistress - Possession
Christian Mistress - To Your Death
Cindy Dall - Sound Restores Young Men
Citay - S/T
Citay - Little Kingdom
Citay - Dream Get Together
Comets On Fire - S/T [MIXED]
Comets On Fire - Field Recordings from the Sun
Comets On Fire - Blue Cathederal
Comets On Fire - Avatar
Concentrick - Music for Tunnels
Concentrick - Tender Machines
Concentrick - Lucid Dreaming
Concentrick - Aluminum Lake
Corin Tucker Band - 1,000 Years [MIXED]
Crime in Choir - The Hoop
Crime in Choir - Trumpery Metier
Cutthroats 9 - S/T
Cutthroats 9 - Dissent

Daniel Higgs - Ancestral Songs
Daniel Higgs - Metempsychotic Melodies
Dommengang - Love Jail
The Donnas - Get You Alone 7"
Double Ferrari -
The Drags - Set Right Fit to Blow Clean Up {MIXED}
Drunk Horse -
Drunk Horse - Tanning Salon/Biblical Proportions
Drunk Horse -
Adult Situations
The Dry Spells - Too Soon for Flowers
Dystopia - S/T

Early Graves - Goner
Early Graves -
Red Horse
Earthless -
Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky
El Dorado -
Smoke Rings
Ezra Feinberg - Pentimento and Others

Federation X - American Folk Horror
The Flakes -
Back to School
Fortress -
Fountainsun -
Sweep the Temple
The Fresh & Onlys -
Play it Strange
From Monuments to Masses - The Impossible Leap...
The Fucking Am -
The Fucking Champs -
The Fucking Champs -
The Fucking Champs -
The Fucking Champs -
The Fucking Champs - Greatest Fucking Hits
The Furrow -
The Furrow -

The Gault - Even As all Before Us
Generalissimo - Western Medicine
Generalissimo -
Love Without Mercy
Generalissimo -
The Get Hustle - Earth Oddyssey
Giant Squid -
Godheadsilo -
Scientific Supercake
Godheadsilo -
Elephantitus of the Night
Godheadsilo - Skyward in Triumph
Golden Void -

Hafner -
Hafner -
Big Livin
Hammers of Misfortune - The August Engine
Hank Williams III - Ramblin Man
Hank IV - Third Person Shooter [MIXED]
Hank IV - Refuge in Genre
Hell Fire -
Free Again
Hex Machine -
The Hickey Underworld -
Hornss -
Hot Lunch -
Howlin Rain - S/T
Howlin Rain -
Magnificent Fiend
Howlin Rain -
The Good Life
Howlin Rain -
Three From A Phantom Saloon
Howlin Rain -
The Russian Wilds
Howlin Rain -
Live Rain

Innings -
Men's Retreat

Joanna Newsom -
And the Y's Street Band

Karp -
Karp - Action Chemistry
Karp/Rye Coalition split LP
Kicking Giant - Alien I.D.

La Fin Du Monde -
The Last of the Juanitas -
Lost Goat - The Dirty Ones
Lowercase - Kill the Lights
Lowercase -
The Going Away Present
Lungfish -
Feral Hymns
Lync - These Are Not Fall Colors

The Mass -
City of Dis
The Mass -
Perfect Picture of Wisdom and Boldness
The Mass -
The Mass -
Ghost Fleet
Melvins -
The Maggot
Melvins -
The Bootlicker
Melvins -
The Crybaby
Melvins - The Trilogy
Melvins -
Melvins - Sludge Glamorous
Mike and the Melvins -
Three Men and a Baby
Minibosses -
Brass 2: Mouth
Monotonix -
Body Language
Monotonix -
Where Were You When it Happened?
Monotrope - Unifying Receiver [MIXED]

Natas -
Ciudad de Brahman
Nation of Ulysses -
The Embassy Tapes
Neil Hamburger -
Sings Country Winners
Nudity/Concentrick - The Nightfeeders
Nudity -

Ordo Obsidium - Orbis Tertius
Ouzo Bazooka -
Ouzo Bazooka -
Simoom [MIXED]

Pearls & Brass -
The Indian Tower
Pits -
Premeditated Endings [MIXED]
Pleasure Forever - S/T
Pleasure Forever - Bodies Need Rest
Porch -
Walking Boss
Priscilla Ford -
The Blackout Club

The Quails - The Song is Love
The Quails - Atmosphere
Queen Crescent -
Queen Crescent

Red Sparrowes -
Every Heart Shines Toward a Red Sun
Rip Room -

Sangre Amado -
Saviours -
Science of Yabra - Don't Panic
Sean Smith -
Huge Fluid Freedom
Six Organs of Admittance -
The Sun Awakens
Six Organs of Admittance -
Shelter from the Ash
Six Organs of Admittance -
Slaves - The Devil's Pleasures
Sleater Kinney - S/T
Sleepy Sun -
Maui Tears
The Soulbreaker Company - La Lucha[MIXED]
Squalus -
The Great Fish

Tartufi - So We Are Alive
Tartufi -
Goodwill of the Scar
Tartufi -
Nests of Waves and Wires
Tartufi -
Us Upon Buildings Upon Us
Tartufi -
These Factory Days
Thrones - A Day Late and a Dollar Short
Toadliquor -
The Hortator's Lament
TransChamps -
Double Exposure
Tristeza -
Spine and Sensory
Tristeza -
Truman's Water - Milktrain to Paydirt
Turn Me On Dead Man - God Bless the Electric Freak [MIXED]
Turn Me On Dead Man - Technicolor Mother

Unwound - A Single History

Warcloud - S/T

Weakling -
Dead As Dreams
Wolves in the Throne Room -
Diadem of 12 Stars

Yaphet Koto -
We Bury Our Dead Alive
The Young -
Chrome Cactus
The Young Ginns -

Enough Already!