Q & A:

Q: What are your rates?
A:Surprisingly low.

Q: What type of tape do i need, how much do I need and where do i get it?
A: Any of the following brands/formulations of two inch tape are good:
BASF/RMG 900, ATR, Quantegy/Ampex 499 or GP9.
There's about 33 minutes on a reel.
You can get RMG 900 HERE.
I would stay away from used tape unless you know for
sure that it's in good condition and not full of splices.

Q: I can't afford tape, can you do digital multitrack recording?
A: Yes, Yes I can.

Q: What hours do you usually work?
A: I generally start at 1pm. We can track full, loud band stuff til about 10pm and quieter things a little later than that.

Q: How long will it take to record an album?
A: This is mostly up to you. I've recorded and mixed an album in two days and I've spent 7 months straight on one.
It depends on how much time you want to- and can afford to- spend on it, how well you know your songs
and how much time you want to spend writing parts in the studio.
It usually takes 2-4 hours to set up for tracking a basic guitar/bass/drums type band.
Depending on the complexity of the mix; 1-4 hours set up time and 1-4 hours per song.
The amount of time spent between setting up and mixing is entirely up to you.

Q: Do you have a ---- I can borrow?
A: There's a full list of gear here.

Q: Is the house equipped with Mario Kart?
A: Yes.

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