A Brief, but Louder History

The origins of Louder Studios can be traced back to 1991, when Tim Green, then a member of Nation of Ulysses,
operated The Embassy Studio in a Washington D.C basement. The 4-Track analog studio cobbled together with borrowed
equipment and items found in the alley catered to the needs of bands such as Bratmobile, Circus Lupus, Bikini Kill,
The Nation of Ulysses and the like.

Washington, D.C., circa 1992

1992 saw a move to Olympia, WA, where Tim set up The Red House Studio. Soon after, Vern Rumsey, of Unwound fame,
moved in with a half inch 8 track recorder, of which he generously extended the use to Mr Green.
After a lucrative tour with The Wipers some improvements were made and business was booming.
Bands such as Sleater-Kinney, Godheadsilo, Unwound, Karp and Thrones all found their way into the Red House basement.
Some even found their way out.

Olympia, WA, circa 1993

In 1995, the whole operation was moved to San Francisco, where Tim partnered with audiologist Matt Dubin to build
the Space Station recording facility. A few years and locations later the studio finally settled into a Victorian house
in a questionable, but scenic neighborhood and was re-christened Louder Studios. After almost a year of construction
the Melvins agreed to act as guinea pigs and test out the new 1" 16 track once used to record Snakefinger.
They liked it enough to record 5 albums there over the next few years. A two inch 24 track was installed in 2000,
along with a Trident console. Over the next 13 years Louder hosted bands from all over the musical and geographical map.
Sebadoh, The Donnas, Hank III, Comets on Fire, The Fucking Champs, Earthless, Hot Lunch, Weakling, Citay, Lungfish,
The Fresh & Onlys, Six Organs of Admittance, Drunk Horse, Howlin Rain, and even America's funnyman, Neil Hamburger
represent a random sampling of fine artistes who chose to make their stand on the windy Portola hill.

SF, CA, circa 2005

Sensing a need for expansion in both size and amenities, Louder Studios moved several hours northeast to
Grass Valley, CA, in 2011, where it doubled in size and acquired a guest house and pool on 5 acres of countryside.
Bands such as Sleepy Sun, Early Graves, Christian Mistress, Porch, Hex Machine, The Young, Cutthroats 9,
Giant Squid and even the mighty Brubaker have all enjoyed making albums at the new resort-like Louder Studios.

Grass Valley, CA, circa 2013

- Dr. Ezra Feinberg, PsyD. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, June 2014

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