Music For Tunnels cd/cassette 1996 Louder Records
Concentrick/DJ Spacey Space-M cassette 1997 Louder Records
Tender Machines cd 2000 Deluxe Records
Lucid Dreaming cd 2002 Emperor Jones
Aluminum Lake cd 2007 Drag City

Compilations, Remixes:

BADABOOM GRAMOPHONE issue 3 - collarboration with Mirza 1998
In Formation-throbbing gristle tribute comp 2000 Invisible Records
IQU & Friends-teenage dream 2000 K Records
Trans Am-you can always get what you want 2000 Thrilljockey
Topography Of Indefinite Impressions comp 2000 Autopia Records
Are Friends Electric? comp 2001 Seismic Records
Charm - Motion Picture Soundtrack 2001 5RC Records
Semiautomatic - Remix 7" 2002 GSL
SIMS URBZ video game - "dead leaves" and miscellaneous guitar solos 2004
Childrens' Music for Adults - 2005 Daft Alliance
The Dreams of M. Kourie - collaboration with
Nathan Berlinguette 2006 chrome peeler records

Concentrick's "space"